Asia Model Festival


Rules and Regulations

1. Introduction

A) 2021 Asia Model Festival – Face of Hong Kong (”FOHK”)is jointly organised and licensed under ACE (Talent & Modeling Management) Limited(”ACE")and Asia Model Festival Organising Committee(”AMFOC”). Any individual who fulfils the below criteria is eligible to apply for participation in the FOHK contests (“Contestants”). The Contest will be completed in the form of auditions and/ or finals.  Winners may be nominated by the FOHK organising committee to participate in the 2021 Face of Asia international modelling contest finals.  

B) The FOHK Organiser reserves the right of all decisions in regards to program productions related to the Contest (including all types of media), the release of related contents in any method, and owns all rights of programs related to the Contest.


2. Contestant Eligibility

A. The Contestant must be up to 18 years of age by 30th June, 2021 (by Western reckoning);

B. The Contestant must be the holder of a valid Hong Kong Identification Card or a valid Hong Kong Passport; or a Hong Kong Birth Certificate;

C. Educational Qualifications will not be included in the eligibility criteria;

D. The Contestant must be free from criminal records;

E.The Contestant must not be bound by any contract or legality which will prevent him or her from entering the contract with ACE referred to in 4(C) , and from performing duties and responsibilities referred to in 4(D).

F. Winners may be nominated to represent the Hong Kong region and compete in the Contest Finals hosted in Seoul, Korea, and must be the holder of international travel documents approved by the government of Hong Kong SAR and the government of Republic of Korea with at least one year of validity.


Provided always ACE and AMFOC may in their absolute discretion waive and/ or relax one or more of the above requirements after taking into consideration the Contestant’s circumstances and background.


3. Entry Procedure

A. Visit the website for online application.

B. You must provide correct details on the application form, submit an application fee of HKD110 along with the form by 23:59 (GMT+8) 6th June, 2021, (as recorded by the timestamp of the Organiser’s official system) 

C. Select the date and time of your audition on the form according to your availability.  Timeslots will not be changed upon confirmation.

D. Upload three photographs of yourself in high resolution along with the form (1 headshot, 1 medium shot, and 1 full body shot).

E. Applicants will be notified by email and granted the opportunity to audition upon successfully submitting their applications. 


4. Selection Process

A. The FOHK organising committee will consider all applications that it receives and selects some Contestants to attend the auditions at the time(s) and place(s) designated by FOHK. Selection standards and methods will be decided by the FOHK organising committee, and the process may be taped and produced as programs and behind-the-scenes materials, to be released in any format as decided by FOHK. The FOHK organising committee reserves full rights to select finalists.

B. Contestants will be responsible for the following on the day of Audition:

I. Present a valid Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card, and a Hong Kong SAR government approved travel document, and submit a photocopy of each document. 

II. Submit a passport photo.

C. Upon the completion of the audition, all selected Contestants must enter a separate Contest contract with ACE, and agree to the additional terms and conditions listed on the contract.

D. All selected Contestants must attend events and activities related to the Contest arranged by the FOHK organising committee and ACE, including but not limited to interviews, styling sessions, training courses, rehearsals, contests, advertisements, and promotions, etc.  

E. Once selected to participate in the Contest, withdrawal from the Contest will be forbidden.

5. Data Protection

All submitted application forms, photographs, and document photocopies will not be returned to the Contestants.  Personal data and signed Contest contracts of Contestants who are not selected to participate in the FOHK Finals will be destroyed within 1 week after the Finals.


6. Disclaimer and Contestants’ Consent

Contestant understands and agrees that the FOHK organising committee may in its absolute discretion:

A. Disqualify Contestants without assigning any reasons

B. Change or cancel the dates of selection events and/ or Auditions and/or Finals

C. Request guarantee of all ownership rights from Contestants of all photographs submitted to FOHK and grant such rights to ACE in the release and usage of such photographs.  Contestants agree that, once submitted, such photographs will be owned by ACE, and ACE will not return such photographs to the Contestant.  Contestants must not demand for the return of the above document photocopies and application materials. 

D. In accordance to 5.

I. Use the photographs and personal data of Contestants in all activities related to the Contest, including advertisements, promotions, and the call for sponsors.

II. Use the photographs and personal data of Contestants in all productions and displays of Contest-related materials in any location.

III. Disclose such data to third-parties for the purpose of 4a and 4b.

iV. Store such data for the purpose of 4a and 4b.

7. Law

The terms and conditions herein contained shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong SAR.


A. This Application Form is written in both English and Chinese.  The Contestant understands that the English translation is for reference purpose only, and in the event of conflict between the English and the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

B. AMFOC, FOHK organising committee, and ACE may, in their absolute discretion, modify or remove any rules and regulations when necessary according to given circumstances of the Contest.  If the Contestant fails to accurately provide any details and/ or fully abide by the terms and conditions of the Contest, the Organiser may withdraw the Contestant from the Contest any time.

I confirm that I have read and fully understand this Application Form and I agree that if chosen to take part in the 2021 Asia Model Festival – Face of Hong Kong, I will sign all related contracts provided by AMFOC and ACE (Talent & Modeling Entertainment) Limited.