2020 Face of Hong Kong 專業儀容管理訓練

Updated: Jan 5

2020 Asia Model Festival - Face of Hong Kong


22 Face of Hong Kong Finalists Pick Up Grooming Skills At Professional Grooming Workshop

Program Sponsored by KAZAF Academy

“What’s your character? What’s unique about your world?”

YouTube Celebrity and Make Up Styling Expert Ricky Kazaf partners up with 2020 Face of Hong Kong to get our 22 finalists trained up on grooming techniques.

Ricky Kazaf believes that having model qualities does not only mean having good looks. What’s more important is having a unique character, and being passionate about your dreams. In this workshop, Ricky Kazaf gives a lecture on body ratio, skincare tips, finding your own character, and growing your social media follower base through genuine interactions with your audience.

22位 Face of Hong Kong


本節目由KAZAF Academy贊助播出

你了解自己的個性嗎? 你的世界有哪些特色?

2020 Face of Hong Kong 早前邀得Youtube紅人及化妝造型指導專家Ricky Kazaf 親自向22位決賽模特兒教授儀容管理技巧。Ricky Kazaf 深信作為模特兒不能只靠亮眼的外表,更需要擁有自己獨特的個性和對夢想保持熱誠。在這次訓練中,Ricky Kazaf 分享了身形比例的奧妙、護膚心得、尋找自我的方法,和透過與觀眾互動建立社交媒體追蹤群的技巧。

About Ricky Kazaf

  • Founded Kazaf Makeup Center in 2009 and educated over 10 thousands students in practical and easy-to-learn makeup techniques

  • Invited by numerous brands, enterprises and hotels to be the host of beauty and grooming workshops for improving brand image

  • Owner of the Youtube Channel with various kinds of videos including makeup tutorials, makeover campaign which attracted over 280K followers and total number of 20M video views

  • Beauty Creator of the Korea’s No.1 creator platform DIA TV, running by Korea CJ E&M

  • Participated in the Youth Pre-employment Training Programme as an educator



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